November: in a few weeks everything should be back to normal. My reconstruction is scheduled and this is NOT boob related tho expansion related! I have waited so long for this.

10.9.23 my new platform is closed. Check Loyal Fans for updates.

Check 9.22.23 my new platform  is now open!! I am still learning how it works and there isn’t much posted yet. 

Also, my new massive fake tits are finally healed as well. I am also cleared to grow BIGGER too!
Aren’t they amazing?!

Hi! Just a lil preview photo of my new fake tits. I am still recovering but I have been filming some highlights of my recovery. I will put that together when I feel better. It really is horrible having surgery and recovering in the summer.

Lots of Love from your favest bimbo!

Loyal Fans Page

Hi! I had fresh new fake tits installed! They are amazing! Check back here. At some point I will have info on how you can see and hear about it. Blondie 3.0 is under construction. I am recovering from some other tweaks.

I won't be using social media except for some announcements. I will be updating here. I am done with the shadow banning, the reporting of stuff and the stupid ads I get flooded with.

Lots of Love


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